Our Products

We have been operating in the metalworking sector since 1969, and specialise in the construction of structural metalwork in general.
We design and build spraying machines for laying bituminous emulsions onto small and large surfaces. We manufacture transport, storage and underground tanks for diesel and water.

We design and manufacture a wide range of tanks that are suitable for various requirements

Thermal container/dispenser for asphalt, completely hydraulic, controlled by an electrical key panel.

Self-propelled crawler with a man on board, petrol engine and hydrostatic drive, perfect for small earth works.

Spraying machines with wheels for 200 litre drums that can be towed manually, fitted with a diesel or petrol engine.

Fixed spraying machines to be placed on a vehicle, for 200 litre drums, fitted with a diesel or petrol engine.

Sealing machine that can be towed manually, suitable for melting bitumen loaves for sealing fissures, cracks and holes in the road surface.

Design and manufacture Infrared Asphalt Heater